My Reiki Journey

My first experience of Reiki was in January 2000 when, as a Consultant/Manager for The Virgin Cosmetics Company I organised a Look Good, Feel Great evening in a room at a local pub.  I contacted a local Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Psychotherapist & Counsellor and a Reiki healer to join me and share the cost of the room hire.  The idea was that we should all promote ourselves and hopefully get more business out of it.  It was a very successful evening – surprising, as it was bitterly cold!  We were all kept fairly busy but I was very aware of the Reiki man ‘holding court’!  I didn’t really think much more of it…..

Later that year a friend of mine announced she was having lessons in Reiki.  Not really sure of what it was all about I followed her progress and made the right encouraging noises whilst thinking she had maybe lost the plot!

A year passed and she offered me a treatment to try Reiki.  I still didn’t know what it was all about but agreed to give it a try.  What a wonderful experience – Relaxation was not a word in my vocabulary but it really was the most relaxing experience I had ever had.  Further treatments followed – maybe she hadn’t lost the plot after all!

In the summer of 2001, Toby our cat became seriously ill with a severe ear infection that put him off his food.  Many visits to the vet for antibiotics were not seeing the problem getting better and Toby was just getting thinner and thinner so I decided to call on Reiki.  I asked my friend if she would come to the house to give him some Reiki – warning her that he’s not the friendliest of animals and may not stay in the same room as her let alone allow her to put her hands near him.  Anyway, he stayed in the room and thoroughly relaxed with the treatment and at 10 p.m. that evening ate a bowl of food – I was staggered.  That showed me the power of Reiki.

After major surgery to remove most of his ear canal the Vet gave him a very guarded prognosis for his future as the problem had been caused by a tumour. Well, with a lot of TLC after the op and receiving regular Reiki he enjoyed a happy and healthy additional four years of life.

In July 2002 – I decided to be attuned to Reiki – I thought it would be nice to be able to keep giving Reiki to Toby and it would be nice to be able to treat myself and friends and family.  I said at the time that I wouldn’t want to go on any further to level II…….

So, in March 2003 I booked in to be attuned to level II and a major life change occurred.  Out of nowhere I decided I was going to study Shiatsu – I had no idea what type of therapy it was but I set about finding a course.  Once I found one I wasn’t content with just that I went on to do Indian head Massage, Crystal Healing, Reflexology and of course Shiatsu!  And also said at the time ‘I definitely won’t be going on to do the Master Level!’

So, in April 2004 I did my Master Level.  I  can honestly say that I am in  control of my own life and relaxation is definitely in my vocabulary.  Of all the therapies I have studied Reiki will always be my ‘first love’ as it is so versatile and such total relaxation for the client.

In 2000 when I thought my friend had lost the plot I think the reality was that she had just found it and I am so glad she shared it with me.  I hope your personal journey is as interesting and enlightening as mine has been so far.  Even now the power of Reiki never ceases to amaze me!!!  Enjoy.

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